Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 6: Grace Village Church service and a tour of Port-au-Prince

We are all so grateful for a wonderful week here in Haiti. This team has been phenomenal, and we have had some really touching moments and incredible opportunities to serve. The people of Haiti are beautiful in every way. Thank you to those of you who contributed to this trip.

To wrap up our week, we spent our final day at Grace Village for a church service with the kids who live at Grace Village and the people in the surrounding village of Titanyen who come there for church on Sundays. It was a wonderful service, and worshipping with our Haitian friends was a gift.

We then took a tour of Port-au Prince, traveling by the capital area and then up the mountain to get some of the beautiful views you will see in the pictures below.

Our flight leaves at 1:20 tomorrow, and we will be home in Minneapolis at 10:05pm.

What a week! Glwa pou Bondye! (Glory to God!)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 5: First steps into the ocean

Thanks to a generous donor, our team had the privilege of taking 16 kids from Gertrude's orphanage to Wahoo Beach today. You haven't experienced the ocean until you see it through the eyes of orphans who have never stepped foot into the ocean before.  Our pictures tell it all.