Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last Big Day in Haiti

Today was another beautiful day as we were blessed to bless (Laurene and Lynn's feelings today). This was the theme of our church service this morning at Grace Village church and very appropriate for the end of our week.

We spent most of the day touring downtown Haiti and traveling up the mountain to get a terrific view of Port Au Prince. We also helped feed a few families through souvenir purchases.

Sam is feeling "done," given the completion of his big project. Kristina is feeling refreshed by coming back to the town where she has been missed by everyone we see. Crystal is feeling happy with the week, our team and activities.  

Our final opportunity to serve on this trip will be tomorrow morning as we hand out Feed My Starving Children Manna Pack Rice to one of the nearby tent cities.  It's satisfying to see the other end of the FMSC chain!

Thanks for following along with us all week. We are excited to share all of the photos and stories when we return.
Lynn, Sam, Laurene, Kristina and Crystal        

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