Monday, October 27, 2014

First Day Out And Already Learning About Prayer

Our team finally met for the first time today! God took charge pretty much immediately with my trip by letting me practice trusting in Him. For the first--and hopefully only--time in my life I went to the wrong airport. I found this out when American Airlines' staff thought I was crazy and told me LGA meant La Guardia and not JFK. I had to speed my way across Queens! Thankfully La Guardia and JFK are closer than I thought and God proved that he had control over traffic too. And probably put the thought in my head that I should leave even earlier than my normally paranoid punctual self would have left. Surprisingly I didn't even panic--just prayed and appreciated His sense of humor.

But everyone arrived safely in Miami and the sky was wonderfully blue when we stepped foot in Haiti. It was definitely the opposite of a New York winter. We saw our tap tap (painted cage truck?) for the first time and it was really cute, with "Healing Haiti" painted on the side to show us it was our very own truck.

The guesthouse is beautiful, with colorful walls and these sink-inable sofas. And dinner was amazing for our bunch of weary souls! We ended the day with Word of the Day which is when we think of one word to summarize our feelings and thoughts for the one day. Mine was Trust.

So good night from Haiti! I hope we learn more from God every minute here.

Gillian W

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