Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Water Truck Day!

Today our journey took us into the poorest city in Haiti, city soleil. As we arrived to each of the three water stops we were greeted by smiling children waving, and yelling "hey you," words we soon learned were their adorable and trying to get our attention and basically saying hi. As we got off our truck the children swarmed to us wanting to be picked up and loved.  We spent many hours holding them giving each of them a little piece of ourselves and it felt amazing!  We brought a jump rope and the children laughed and played sometimes trying to jump ten at a time (it never worked but they did not care and neither did we).  As the water truck turned on to fill the many buckets that were lined up a greater appreciation for the simple things we have (like clean water) came over the team. These Haitians needed this water for their families, what we were providing was their bathing water, drinking water, and the water the cooked their meals with.

The city itself was hard to take, the devastation was heartbreaking. The streets were covered in trash and yet the children played in it many with no shoes. They walked around many with little or no clothing and happy for what little they did have. The houses that the people their live in we're not houses at all. They were broken piles of rubble with tarps and randomness holding them together. Will I ever complain again about trivial things like my house being to small or my furniture not being new enough?  I pray that I never forget how lucky I am and just how much I have. I will be leaving a piece of my heart in Haiti


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